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2006 On March 24 the album "black on the outside" with 12 songs will be released at "Art of Choice", which the band has recorded with their producer Marcus Caruso Heumann (known through his remastering of the complete Amiga sound archive). Besides the melodic “humanity” and the gloomy “burning orange” you can find songs with promising titles such as “you are dismissed”,  “book of songs” or “what’s the matter with Watzlawick” -  the latter is very popular at live concerts. While these songs stress the punky element of the band, other titles like “siblings” are cello-  and glockenspiel-based and provide a ballad-like change. The lyrics inspired by Heine, Wilde and Trakl blend in with the tunes just as well as the furious everyday poetry of other parts.

Beside playing some gigs in the Rhineland, in spring the band will record some further new songs, they allready played live, like "take me down" or "Indierock"

2002 single well come (self-distribution)

1997 first 5-track-CD (self-distribution)